Very basically, an event photographer specializes in capturing pictures of events. How you define an “event” is entirely up to you. Some people would consider weddings, concerts, and sports as part of the event photography definition, and in a broad sense, they’re right. But if you focus on weddings or sports, brand yourself as such as a photographer. In industry terms, a self-described event photographer is generally associated with corporate events.

Sinergie ad Arte VIII Ed.| Confini Orizzonti Limiti

The theme of the exhibition focuses on boundaries, horizons, limits. They are fragile, subtle, extremely relative and uncertain concepts. We move in a time and space where it seems increasingly important to define it. Defining a border makes us feel safe and losing it can cause discomfort. The discomfort then, in the worst case, can turn into terror: to be invaded, contaminated or possessed!
Sol Mansi Onlus     Sinergie Solidali

FUNstival - festival targato IACO®

Adrenaline rush with skate contests, bike trial and parkour shows, SUP courses, surfing, windsurfing, bikini contest.
Chalet Maristella a Tortoreto Lido     IACO®


The most spontaneous way to remember the emotions of a special day


Photos made for some commercial activities

Summer Welcome

Evening with live music from the 60s