I worked on commercial photography with a range of different brands. I have always believed content is king and that good imaging and video content will directly increase sales. In this age of social, capturing the eyes and ears of an audience is crucial. To hit your targets with the resources you’ve got means maximizing reach by creating content that elicits the desired response great content. The most important aspect of being a successful brand ambassador is believing in the product you sell. It is this appreciation for the products that i will share with potential customers with my photos and videos.

Revolution Race

Many other brands in the outdoor industry offer products that are overpriced, but they are proving that it´s possible to offer high quality at an affordable price. Their outdoor clothes are made of the best materials and going through hard tests to ensure that you as a customer are more than satisfied with our products. Their outdoor clothes are perfect no matter what outdoor activity you choose, whether you are going for a hike, fishing or are in need of clothes for your upcoming bicycle rides. Or maybe you just want to spend time in the wild. That works too!


IACO® and its product, the CAZZARUL®, born almost as a joke and now become a reason of pride Made in Italy. Around the brand, Valerio creates important events and activities, first and foremost the Funstival® that brings thousands of music and sports enthusiasts to the beach of Tortoreto Lido every year, without forgetting “In Crociera con IACO®”, with the collaboration of Nigno Viaggi e Costa Crociere, and Miss Iaco, a fashion show that every year elects the testimonial.


Mercane WideWheel Pro is the most comfortable electric scooter you’ll ever ride. With front and rear suspension and ridiculously wide 100mm tires, it’s incredibly comfortable even when on uneven terrain. Due to the extra-wide wheel profile, the WideWheel can provide better stability when turning and traction on a wet surface.Designed in Korea, the WideWheel electric scooter mainframe is forged with cutting edge die casting methods to improve the overall quality, strength, and aesthetic.


Blakshop offers over 30 streetwear and fashion brands among the most known and loved in the market,including Herschel, HUF, Obey, Stance, Edwin Dickies, Happy Socks ... Blakshop is the official online store of Blue Distribution, sole distributor for all of Italy of the brands available on the site. All products are strictly original and guaranteed by the official distributor.


Sternglas It has always been their goal to create affordable timepieces of quality for everyone. Honest, functional and to the point.

Bluefin Sup

A Bluefin SUP Paddle Board is the ultimate all-around paddle board package. It is so well-suited that you can actually feel the difference in every way you use it, including transportation and storage. Thanks to the cutting-edge EXO Surface Laminate Technology, our inflatable paddleboards are very stable, ultra tough and incredibly durable. The decking incorporates an HQ coating for maximum UV resistance. A dense, pro weave drop stitching allows our boards to withstand up to 28 PSI. Our Crocodile-Diamond deck pad guarantees comfort support and a no-slip grip.

MyEgo Toys

Are you a LEGO lover and would like a miniature of your own? MyEgo Toys is the line that allows you to create fantastic personalized minifigures!

Sapphire Board

Sapphire is a design and engineering studio with a core philosophy of understated design with exceptional capabilities. From urban transit to modern carry, our passion is to create practical and impactful solutions for an evolving society. DISCOUNT CODE AndreaBelt17_Sapphire


The origins of Legea are linked to the evolution of a textile factory that produces sporting goods founded in Pompei in 1966. Legea was born in the early nineties. It mainly produces clothing and accessories for football, imposing itself with immediate success on the market; a few years later he decided to expand his field of activity also producing technical material for basketball, volleyball, athletics and fitness.

Other Brands

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